Success Stories

Steven Johnson, DDS - Persistent AFib
This adventurous dentist came to the clinic after a rejected application to renew his pilot license. After a successful cryoablation procedure, he doesn’t need AFib pharmaceuticals, returned to flying planes, and enjoys a full life without worry.

Peter Zonakis, MD - Paroxysmal AFib
This ear, nose and throat doctor would experience bouts of Afib that felt like his heart was jumping out of his chest while eating his favorite spicy Italian food. After his procedure with Fix AFib, the patient no longer takes anti-arrhythmia or blood thinning medications. He cares for patients and safely enjoys the taste of Italy with a kick.

Kevin Doran
Join Kevin Doran as he shares his inspiring journey with AFib (Atrial Fibrillation). Kevin vividly recounts the life-changing moment of his AFib diagnosis, his subsequent heart attack, and the challenging ten-day hospital stay. After multiple failed attempts at cardio conversion, Kevin was recommended for an ablation procedure by his trusted cardiologist, Dr. Laws. Eight months post-procedure, Kevin’s health has remarkably improved, leading him to feel ten years younger.

Daviette and Ed
Daviette, a passionate lover of the great outdoors and a survivor of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), as she shares her journey from struggling with health problems to regaining her vitality. After being diagnosed with AFib, Daviette experienced fear and uncertainty, but she never lost her spirit.

John Sender
John Sender, a fitness enthusiast, shares his personal battle with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Despite an early diagnosis in 1998 and treatment, his condition persisted until a chance encounter with Dr. Laws in 2020. Under Dr. Laws' guidance, John underwent an extensive treatment plan that has successfully controlled his AFib, thereby significantly improving his heart health and overall quality of life.